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Another good day, but with the sparkle it could have been great!

Just another day out west.  I worked on a little this and a little that and made a trip to town to deposit some checks… They say  we can do it with our phone and I have before but I had one check that just didn’t want to load up?  I think it was the way the check was printed or made as it had a big white spot around the amount and the front picture would never get a good readable amount… oh well it wasn’t far to a branch that did it for me and poof they show up immediately… I listened to the radios a bit… I am getting things ready so I can get some real antennas out but figure that may take most of the summer as I need to get some more feed lines, some lightening arrestors, get that set up and then paint the antennas dark green so they do not show up in the trees.  I live in an HOA and I need stealth antennas if any… will see how it turns out…

On that last note a short rant about some of the idiot people that move out here… we live in a suburban (1/2 ac lots and up) area next to rural area that has an abundance of wildlife.  The people move here, most from town, and are in wonder of the wildlife, some so much so they feed the coyotes… STUPID or WHAT?  They also wanted to be out of town but complain about the coyotes howling… some even make comments that “oh my they are killing something”.  Never knew them to howl on a kill, they usually don’t like to share that much… ha! Recently had a guy complain about people putting up fences and leaving their cars parked outside the garage?  To explain it is not 8 ft. privacy fences being put up but split rail with wire on the inside to keep owners dogs in and neighbors dogs out…. They don’t do much when you think about the wildlife out here.   I have no clue where he came from but he sure raised up a stink on that.  The comments were more 90% against him for whining about normal things of the west… He wanted the HOA to put a stop to it so everyone could live like he wants to… oh well. 

Anyway, in the swing of things as summer approaches I figured that at 4pm it was about time for Happy Hour!… so I grabbed a beer, planted my but in a nice lounger on the back deck and smelled the pine and watched tree tops sway… It was that nice out..


I need to get some flowers in those pots…

Oh and picked this up at one of the local Mexican food establishments…


I must assume that a bit much of this and yep, those donkeys might sparkle a bit…




Thought for Today: Ferris Bueller: Four-thousand restaurants in the downtown area, I pick the one my father goes to.

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