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Day late and Dollar short?

OK, I am over a day late on this… honest it did happen on Mothers day… I fixed dinner… took several hours fighting the damn smoker but got a supper thick steak cooked just about right.  Great flavor… reasonably tender…


It came from my sister and she said they cut them too thick.  package said it was over 3 lbs. for one steak.  Here you see three of us eat off this and had over half left over..

I also fixed vegs and mashed taters… no gravy although it would have been great but I spent too much time trying to keep the smoker from taking off too high or too low on temps..



Today we had some shrubs moved outside the fence… the landscape guy said they should live as they have not truly started growing up here and they dug them with a decent size ball on the roots.  Pictures maybe tomorrow?

Of course anytime I get close to sticky pokey things I get cut and bleed… Guess I am thin skinned in my old age…The move is in preparation for putting in some stairs off the back deck to the ground.  I hate having a second story deck on the back of the house and no way off other than through the house.  Think safety first then how you going to get the grill out and all the other stuff that really doesn’t need to pass through the house… so this summer we will try to get that fixed up.

Then afternoon I had to make a run to Denver to deliver some stuff and pick up some stuff that hadn’t made it back in one of our last trips… it was enough that I had to take the small trailer to haul it back… on the way I had this in front of me part of the way..


Was just a bit comical and no way to show that in a picture but two short, old, bald guys in a beat up pickup.  It is one of those “you had to be there”…

Life goes on in the WEST… or on the DIVIDE (Palmer Divide).



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