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June 2017
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When the spirit moves you.

Procrastination is one of my greater duties now.  But every so often the spirit will move you into action.  Case in point I have promised to build sand boxes for the GS#2 and #3… well this week I finally got to the project start, picked up the lumber yesterday and got started on GS#3’s sand box.  Oh and we also got his swing set put back up after the move last fall… and Today he had to use that just about the time he found out it was back up… I was gone so didn’t get pictures of that, I suppose they are around somewhere… maybe Grandma’s Facebook?  Anyway I spent a few hours yesterday getting the sandbox started…



That’s half of the lumber, I had already hauled down the one for GS#3 and this is the making for GS#2 to be done later.


This was the near finished framework and of course I didn’t get a finished picture this morning when we put all the seating pieces on and finished cutting the braces down to size and put in the tarp liner… maybe I will get that picture tomorrow.

We did move it out under the trees off the concrete but haven’t gotten the sand in it yet and looks like we will need a lot more sand than we have???

After I got that done today I headed down to the OSU geology camp to pick up a friend there and go out to lunch and have some discussion about world problems and how to solve them… I am not sure our ideas would fly very far… but it was fun.

On my way back the storms were building, like yesterday afternoon although not as far north… we got hail yesterday..


That stopped the progress on the sand box as it was wet under the deck and I might melt so I quit… ha!  but as you could tell I get back to it once it dried out a bit.

Today they looked like this down south:



They were just building as when I got back to the springs they were issuing severe weather warning for the area south and east of this and then flood warnings as well…

I had a few errands to run and got back about 5pm and then we packed it up and made the Music in the park here in Monument.  A really good group “Indigo Way” was playing and we had heard them last summer in Canon at their park music so wanted to go here.  We lasted about an hour as after the storms and all it was a bit cold out and we hadn’t dressed heavy enough for that cool and evening (yep it was in the mid fifties and a light breeze and when the sun dropped behind the mountains we had to pack it in… old folks get cold easy, at least I do. 

I did capture this and my only thought is, when the spirit strikes you, you have to get up and attempt to dance…

‘ target=_blank>When the Spirit Moves you




Thought for Today: Virgil Garnett Thomson: Even if youre on the right track, youll get run over if you just sit there.

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