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Another type of Hybrid

Catch up on some project and trips…

Last week before I went back to OK I finished up GS#2 sandbox… haven’t put in the tarp or moved the sand…


Hey that looks just like the other one…

I also found a Real RedNeck vehicle that didn’t have a Texas tag on it… or even one from down south… ha!


Y can’t confuse that with a Hippy van.. I don’t think?

It was a Utah tag at that? Likely misplaced RedNeck….

Next on the hit parade of ??? oddity things I see… A real hybrid car…


I know this because the sticker on the back says so…


So remember anytime you use gas and duct tape you are creating a Hybrid… who knew?

We also ended up on a huge detour today… I got back from the Monument house about 11 and said lest go find a Popeye’s for some Tuesday chicken special… $1.99 for two pieces of white meat… The closest one was about 9 miles north east so off we went… I would have though that there was one in Lakewood but nope… they are all up north or out east?  hum… Anyway it was good, fast and cheap… just my kind of place… but on the way back Sherrie wanted to to to Loveland ski area… “"HUH”? I am sure she didn’t realize it was about an hour west but off we went…

We even put in a few minutes doing a tour of Georgetown… had to stop at the visitor center as the big tea from popeyes was blurring up my eyes…


Yep, tourist town with lots of shops full of crap… didn’t stop… and most of the houses do have dates of construction… pretty old ..


Most of them were older than Grandma and she was born in 1897… actually most were older than Grandpa and he was 1888?  that’s pretty old huh… ?

We headed on up to the ski areas… Loveland, A basin, etc.… over Loveland pass…


wanted some pictures of the water falls and such but not a safe place to pull over, not safe to try it out the window for me… but did get some of the area near the top..  Still a really good snow cornice here… but with record high temps things are running pretty high in the streams now..

We drove on past Keystone resort then back on 70 and headed back as we had an appointment for after 3 to look at some furniture… we were a bit late … on the way down through the tunnels… I guess I had not remembered that the east bound is not also the Eisenhower but is the Johnson



I only remember it being referred to the Eisenhower tunnel but it was done in 1973 and the Johnson was 1979?  oh well, I think they still only refer to it as Eisenhower but maybe because they are more worried about people going up from Denver? Not sure?  oh well more history to read up on..


And that is about it for some of the minor highlights.. a multitude of things I don’t remember happened as well… old age is great for that.



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