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Well, glad I got a new one.

The other day I noticed that my laptop was a bit warm on the bottom… I looked a bit closer and noticed a crack in the battery pack and it appeared to be swelling a little.  To that end I figured, “better order a replacement”.

Monday I ordered that replacement since the old battery pack came out and expanded such that I couldn’t get it back in…


When I unhooked the lock for it , it popped out and almost came apart at the seams… I think the battery may be shot or nearly?




So, not much else going on… I continue to deal or get dealt with by the Woodmoor HOA Gestapo ( they call it the Woodmoor Improvement Association or WIA).  Suffice to say it is a real pain in the rear living here. They even went so far as to put in the Winter news letter that “you need to get a permit or at minimum check with the ACC (Architectural Control Committee) for any project outside the home.  They say “Architectural Control is key in keeping Woodmoor looking beautiful and maintaining a uniformity and balance to our neighborhood.”  In reality it is their way of dealing in your business, telling you how you should live and have to comply with their wants and needs, not yours.  The rules are so numerous they  have a large full time staff just for issuing, reviewing permits and imposing fines for not following the rules.  I had a utility working laying out some of my easements that agreed “in reality we only rent our property from them – the HOA.   As if that is not enough for them they just the other day sent out a survey request about “vacation rentals” as it appears they are about to inflict more rules and requirements on home owners that want to vacation rent their homes.  Oh well, I was not diligent enough to have fully read the rules before we bought and now am stuck here.  A beautiful place with purgatory type rules. 

On a different note, I was at the local Walmart the other day and saw this really interesting “motor home” …


I think it had Ohio tags on it, not sure what is in all those black and yellow boxes but they must be carrying everything they need up there.  



Thought for Today: -3. In 1950, 23 people per 100,000 Americans died each year in traffic accidents, according to the Census Bureau. That fell to 11 per 100,000 by 2009. If the traffic mortality rate had not declined, 37,800 more Americans would have died last year than actually did. In the time it will take you to read this article, one American is alive who would have died in a car accident 60 years ago.

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