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October 2017
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Strange stuff and other things

Nothing really new to report… we just travel and back and forth across time and distance to make ends meet.  Mostly my end seem to meet itself sometimes going the other way? 

Recently on one of our road trips I caught this?



It struck me funny.  Remember the old days on long road trips  trying to find the alphabet in car tags and making words from them, until they allowed everyone to do that in “special tags”… anyway on this one it caught me…

YUCK EAT POO!… yea, don’t eat that SH__!…

Then in a parking lot captured the passenger of this car… snoozing? 


Could he be a Kansas Football fan?  Waiting for the resurgence?  Or it could have been a Kansas med student taking home his work?

Oh and my pictures are horrible but the evening show was pretty good last night… if you got out and looked…



Lots of vivid colors above the foothills…


And waving cloud formations moving in ripples…


Well that is what I saw anyway.  I have been too busy playing radio to do many pictures… that and trying to get things fixed that were bungled up.  Suffice to say, I hired a contractor that didn’t know or do his business right.  It cost me extra as what was done had to be torn out and done over to meet codes and safety.  I know now you say, “Can’t you spot those fakes”… since I am new here and really didn’t know any “advisors” I did the internet search and …well this guy came highly rated on a couple of those websites, Like and Angie’s list… do not believe those things… they lie just like the contractor did… a deeper review found no license, and no real back history on the project we were doing.   Only after he was paid for material that didn’t arrive and partial work that had to be torn out… I know a little more now about how to find if the contractor is licensed to do the work and know a few more people around that can advise properly… the Cost of learning I guess…



Thought for Today: - Murphy2: Flashlight:A case for holding dead batteries.

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