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February 2018
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Ups and downs

Well the weekend was nice.  It started out ok but Sunday it was really nice up here.  Temps in the 60’s and the wind was not bad.  It was the first of the years amateur radio swaps up in Brighton so I made a run up Sunday for that.  I had not been to this one before so had no idea how it would turn out.  Being the first of the year there were a lot of people there but they much have pulled out all the old crap for this one… I should have taken pictures and didn’t.  I was a bit in awe that there was so much “OLD” crap.  I mean really old stuff and not really collectable stuff either?  Beyond that the stuff that was not real old had new prices on it… I didn’t get anything at this one and hope for a better showing at the next few. 

On the way out, I did grab this picture of a nicely done carving for a big old dead tree..


Although I think the ones from older posts are a bit better – those in Florence, Co…Recycle Dead old Trees

After this early start we went down to Arvada and watched GS#1 play a little hockey.  must have been us cause his team was ahead when we got the and then lost ?  Did we bring them bad luck or ?  We left after that as they were all going swimming in the huge pool there and we had a few more furniture stores to check out as we need new lounge chairs… We left the power love seat at the other house and it just is not kosher for two old folks to not have big, soft, comfy recliners.  Especially when last week I was suffering through a winter cold and being all stopped up I could have slept better in a lounge chair than fighting the bed.  I ended up with stiff necks trying to stay propped up and only got in about 2 hours at a go.  That was the push to jump off and get some new “power napping” chairs for the Colorado house.   We didn’t purchase them on this trip as we didn’t know if the Springs store could do as well.

Today we figured to get some cheaper gas, have lunch in town, Sherrie has a thing about having here at least monthly trip to 5 Guys and check out the chair store across from 5 Guys… Well we checked, they  had the chairs but turns out they  have a “jack up” pricing schedule like some new car dealers where they want to charge for some “extras” that are not really needed.  basically they had tacked on over $150 per chair for un-wanted or needed “plus” items.  5 year leather warranty and 5 years of leather cleaning stuff and … we left and Sherrie got on the phone, checked a couple of other stores, got the same chairs with out the add ones and delivered for less than the local store…

On our way to town I captured this shot of Bald Mountain…


Yesterday it was 65 most of the afternoon… it started cooling off lasted then this morning we got up to 17 degrees , fog, frost and spitting snow.  It never snowed enough to really add up… just flurries enough to make the ground white… but stayed damn cold… As I peak out the office window it is 13 degrees out and still some fog, and a little more white from snow…

oh well, such is the life at 7500 ft.…



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