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Guess who shows up?

Not much really going on… we got back from OK Monday… on the way we passed ‘MAD MAXX” of the plains.  Fortunately he wasn’t looking for us..


Wish I could have gotten a better shot but I peaked inside while he was stopped for ?  and boy… it still has the old Police setup for the computer and he has added some huge speakers.  It has a roll cage of sorts and notice the big hood scoop… must have some heavy stuff under there…ha!   Never did figure out what he has strapped on top unless it is some wore out plains raiders?

You know it is a damn long boring drive when you spot these things out… We have made it so many times I just about have the road memorized, sure hope they don’t move in a few more pot holes and catch me unaware…

Tuesday we were all set to rest in but NO!… as I am working on our taxes I spot that one of the Colorado vehicles has an expired tag… we never got the notice… so we rushed down to the tag office and paid the small fine and got a new update on the tag… seems the notice was sent to the old address up here that has been over year vacated so the forwarding didn’t work, and they didn’t send it to the OK address even though they had that on the title… Anyway their fine is way cheaper than getting caught out with the expired tag… so that got taken care of..

Wednesday we made our breakfast trip to Carl’s and met up with another Oklahoman… she is here helping her son and we have been meeting up with here on Wed mornings for a couple of months… nice lady. 

Thursday we had to make another tip back to the north side of the Springs to get a battery installed in Sherries IPhone… this was the third trip we had made all by appointment or failures of appointments… she left the phone and we camped out in Panera just up the mall a bit… It wasn’t too bad when we found some soft seats.  When she picked up the phone the lady behind here , doing the same fix, got her phone, turned it on and had a 100% full battery… they guy looked at it and said OOOPs… they put the old battery back in it so she now had another ? 2 hour wait… Glad that was not our problem, we had already bade 3 trips… Their service leave a lot to be desired… And the place is packed?  WHY are so many people enamored by Apple? oh well, again not my problem  I have a Samsung that hasn’t caught on fire yet…

Today we made a trip to the Springs to check out the “home show” We got a “free get in card” so why not… wouldn’t pay for what we saw in there and this is the second time we have gone and it is just as bad the second as it was the first..  Unless you wanted windows or hot tubs there wasn’t much in there to see but am guessing there had to be at least 15 windows “remodel” experts and 4 or 5 hot tub folks… one interesting thing did pop up… saw Captain Jack Sparrow checking out one of the chiropractor booths?  not sure why he needed that?


Although there was some wine and stuff on the other side I suspect that was too mild for him – no Rum in the house that I could see…   After the unhome home show we stopped at Hobby Lobby so Sherrie could check out some yarn and pick up a thing or two , I wasn’t interested so I stayed in the car and then notice on the car across this cute little indication…


Not exactly sure how they went together but the marks are read and the little she-devil is red so was it done on purpose or ? Just not sure…

Anyway that is how it went here for the past few days..  I am hoping for smoother sailing but still have a lot of work to do on my Taxes as we owe money and plenty… I am not in a big hurry…   I need some more of those 1% loopholes of political fixes?




Thought for Today: - Murphy2: Those who live by the sword get shot by those who dont.

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