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Back in OK for a week

Well, we are road warriors again.  Made the trip back to OK Wednesday and Thursday I got my hearing aids adjusted, cleaned and another hearing test to get numbers on the loss.  It is slowly slipping away so guess I better learn sign language and practice my lip reading a bit more…

Last week on one of those rare days instead of going straight home after a run to town Sherrie and I made a swing up north just into Douglas county.  It isn’t far as we live within a 1/2 mile of the county line but there are a lot of roads up there I have not been on so we made a short circle up and around before heading back and it is just amazing what you can find when you get off the main roads… There is a church camp about a 1/2 mile up Furrow road.  At first glance it is not too big but if you take a couple of side roads and look around it is pretty big and spread out??? Don’t know much about it other than the Lady we normally meet at Carls on Wednesday is staying there with her son who is a program director?  We noticed a lot of people there today so they may be getting ready for spring and summer attendees?   From there we made a loop a bit further north then hooked back east and come on an old preserved school house.  Spring Valley School house.


Lot of history here, and close to the house. 


Seems it was a bit more than just the school at one time but the school is about all that is left… although the new blue bird box in the back is already being inhabited…



Nice to see that addition to the school yard…

Although there are plenty of live birds some times there are those that ???? maybe stood too long in one spot?


This guy was a bit worse for the wear that day… It was an interesting short drive and we need to get out and make several more as I am sure there are a lot more hidden treasures in the area that we just don’t know about and haven’t see yet..

Anyway we are in OK and today was an annual trip to get some adjustment son the hearing aids but on the way in we stopped at Ted’s Escondito for lunch.  Today we didn’t have the usual fajitas but with we had… we got plenty of food and it was ok but not as good as the fajitas they do there. 


I had this burrito plate and ended up bringing at least half of it home for later… I filled up too quick on the home made tortilla and queso along with a few pickled jalapeno vegies…I like to put some of the queso on the tortilla and then pile in some of the veggies and relish and today only a couple of those and all the chips and salsa I could handle before the plate came over filled me so we got a lot of left over… I remember back in the day I could down that and then some but for some reason my eating has slowed down… along with about every thing else… ha!

So tomorrow is another day of getting some things off our list of needs here.  people to see places to go and appointments to make is what we get done when we get back here… and I get to operate my other Amateur Radio station… better antennas here so I like it … ha!  As I write this I am getting to operate some 160 meter DX… something I would never make at DM79 but much easier here at EM16… just wish I had not take the 160 meter loop antenna down when we though we would have to sell last summer… I may have to put it back up?  I may also have to get my little Magnetic RCV loop for here working… Just some more things to work on I guess. 

Till L8R..



Thought for Today: Unknown: When other people miss deadlines, they give excuses; when I miss, I give reasons.

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