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What I like about out OK house…

We are back in OK for a week or so.  Doctors, business, visits, etc.… This time the Doctors are all mine… catching up on things I need to get done or checked every so many years, or months…ha! This time of year the temps are generally just right (for me) so I spend some time doing little yard things and general maintenance.  But you can’t just do all that stuff… you have to take a little time off.  Well for me I take most of the time off but this trip and the last I have broken away in the evening to flog the pond in my back yard… last time I caught one fish… kind of slow going… Today I went early in the afternoon and flogged and flogged and only gone one weak attempt… I looked and my power lure was pretty much out of place and didn’t really swim in the water too good so I pulled it off and put on a newer one… the n just before sunset I went back and poof… caught three.  First was a small – large mouth… ounces… should have pictured the first two but I was too interested in getting them off hook and back in the water to flog some more… Second  fish was a decent sized bluegill… and I thought they were all gone… then the third was a larger one that I may have caught the last time?  ha!


now a half dozen of these would be a nice meal but I put them all back… it is just the exercise and fun that I am after… After this one got back in the water the strikes went dead… another 10 or 15 attempts and nothing so I figured… that was all I needed anyway… sure was fun for a little bit…

What else was I doing… playing radio in the WASS grid chase… (WASS – Worked All Same Stations)… and during breaks in that I was making birds…





I think have done maybe 7 or 8 of these wing spinning humming birds today…   Just wish there was a market for them but I also do not want to ‘have to make” them… just be able to sell what I do make extra and not be forced or think I need to make so many… ha! it is a method to break focus, concentrate on hand work and odd as it seems, my Blood Pressure has been down the past 3 days here?



Thought for Today: Will Rogers: Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.

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