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Doctors, Weather and other great things

A week in review.  Well as my last post stated we were in Oklahoma and this trip was for my Doctor appointments.  I used to question my Dad about having so many appointments that he couldn’t plan time to get away as easy as I could… Well I have not reached his level of visits but it seems we are planning a lot of out lives around those Doctor visits these days?  Up first I had to have a revisit about my blood pressure.  That Doctor had not prescribed enough pills for a 90 day supply and I was getting a little short… Although my week back in Oklahoma was spent with many days of lower pressure?  Might have been the fishing and loosing track of some other family drama?

On Sunday I started the fasting and flushing sequence, because Monday was the schedule violation and up periscope check.  I call it that cause that sounds a bit better than colonoscopy?  For the past 20 years I have been a regular visitor of my “not so favorite” Colorectal Surgeon” or Gastroenterologist.


At least twice I have had to have “roids” removed.  The pain, and itch was … well lets say the removal was a vast relief… TWICE!… in-between that I had to have multiple inspections.  For those that are a bit older they know what that means… a preceding day of fasting and flushing… downing massive quantities of the most vial nasty liquids and gallons of water just so you could blast off the white throne multiple times in a 12 hour period… Those doctors are so funny… the instructions for the last batch and I don’t truly remember much of the previous ones but am sure they were about the same in that they say start early and then ‘when you get up the next morning” take the next dose… Hell, it isn’t safe to go to bed after you have taken the first dose and all that water… either a #1 or #2 is for sure on the way and if you fall asleep you might miss the warning bell then it is an all night clean up job…

I think some of them might enjoy there job a bit too much?

Over the past 10 years I had gotten to a “required” inspection bi-annually due to polyps re-appearing faster than they could take them out? In fact several “after” inspection at the Doctors office included a “banding” of some  “returning” ones and that is done with out anesthesia and you can hear and feel (well some do, I have just about lost all feeling in that spot)… that silver tube turning and moving the the Doctors hand?  oh boy that was fun too… Anyway I had delayed the last 2 yr. return into a 3 year wait… we were busy, I was not enthused about it , as you can guess, so it was just delayed  but I was sure they would find enough to work on no matter…

Monday I went in at 10 am, they had me knocked out by 11:10 am, and I was wheeled out by 12:30 pm… Sherrie said as I was coming out of the “induced coma” I kept asking “How many did you find”… and the Doctor would say none but me, not totally clear, not having my hearing aids and the Doctor spoke pretty softly (I think it was his only really soft trait?) I kept asking and finally he slipped off anyway… So I am extremely happy this time… my colon is clean, he either is blind or I really don’t have any more polyps, and I am on a 5 year return schedule…   I do wonder though, if my videos will show up on YouTube?  Seems they post YouTube’s about everything these days and I was awake enough to see that they had 2 huge monitors in that inspection room.  Maybe those doctors all get together at times and show the videos in “well that is nothing look at this one” type sessions?  With the number of videos they have done of mine, I should be famous? right?  and I am sure in those multiple forms they make you sign I have signed all the rights to my own ass away…  I did remember the pre-op nurse stating that the doctor would try to get all the excess air out but that I would have some air bubbles working their way out… At least I got to claim that is what they were…and still claiming there is air working it’s way out..

I am sure every one really wanted to hear all this but hey… it is what happened, honest…

We had another meeting Tuesday, not a Doctor this time… and then Wednesday we headed back to Colorado… it was warm, humid and generally not totally pleasant Tuesday and Wednesday in Oklahoma, and Wednesday we were just timing it right to get past Salina and west far enough to get ahead of the big storms they were having… while monitoring the radio we heard about multiple storms with 70 and 90 mph winds coming up through Great Bend and as we crossed mile marker 140 they were warning those at marker 174 to 199 about the storms… missed them but “that much”… It was damned cloudy and cooling off in western Kansas and just like there was a barrier wall… at the state line it turned “partly cloudy” and warmed back up??? then a little rain showers as we came into El Paso county… This morning… It was snowing here… huge flakes and really wet…


Not as big as last years May storm but still got some snow…

Well, with a clean whistle that has gone silent I will move on to new adventures.



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