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October 2017
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Boy what a change…

Friday and Saturday were craft days at Palmer Lake so we ran over there to check it out… a small showing, but full, not over flowing… nice craft thing, although more stuff sales than crafts?  anyway I made the short loop and then outside and it was much nicer outside for me..


Beautiful spot in front of “City Hall” in Palmer Lake where there is a really nice little park with old time gazebo and I have see them having music here in the summer..

Sunday we made a trip to Longmont for the last Hamfest of the season out here… Out here a hamfest is a half day affair, no big dealers, no little dealers, only swap experts… so they are limited in scope, size, sessions, etc.… they do have one joint Rocky Mountain one usually that may be a weekend affair… so for these you get in, you pick your bargains and get out… This one was not much different than most… had a reasonable attendance but not what one would look for considering the population of amateurs out here.  Anyway I wanted to make the trip and see what this one was about… More than that it was a really nice day, with a big warning that Monday would be bad weather… so we took off to enjoy…  I didn’t get any pictures of the swap, and I should have but was totally interested in my bargaining and and a huge table of collected Heathkit gear… I mean huge… I counted that they had 5 HW104A’s on that table… and tons of other Heath collected stuff… I mention the 104A as that was the first one I had and built myself… I also built up multiple of the other pieces from that time period and they had them all… I considered buying a duplicate set of my old station form them but had other things of interest I wanted more…  Oh well…

We then did a short trip into town so Sherrie could check out the small yarn shop on main street and then headed back down to Lakewood through Boulder… that stretch of road from Longmont to Boulder is a really pretty stretch of road… and the recent storm had left the mountain tops a bit white with snow… that storm was last week and dumped some good snow on some of the ski areas to the west…


Snow caps out there and not all the trees down here are changing yet…


It is hard to get a really good picture and drive and through the windshield but this is a representative shot…

Anyway the temps were in the 70’s and it was really beautiful… we stopped to see GS#1 and #2 in Lakewood for a little bit


#2 was playing outside… actually it was warm enough that he was searching out shade… ha! but guess what…


This is how it looks this morning and still snowing off and on… damn too early for this… We need some nice fall weather till about ???? next March?



Thought for Today: - Murphy2: Flashlight:A case for holding dead batteries.