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Cleaning out

Well I am not good at being consistent in my posts and just noticed I had pictures saved that I planned to post so I am just going to catch that up…

Being 3 weeks since the last I have forgotten all that went on but … short story, we were in OK for a couple of weeks… then back to Colorado for a week to help with family stuff there.  Missed the good game our team played then came back and watched a horrible game?  oh well …It’s going to be a tough year it appears…

So… one of the games we did catch it was obvious the putting the short practice area in front of the indoor practice facility was a great thing for kids..


We were on our way back out west and late afternoon a storm cloud was moving out from the mountains.  Captured this small down burst near Flagler..


In Denver I made a run to Micro C enter and this thing pulled up in front?  “Varsity”?


The trees were changing all over… hoping to make a run this next week for a better look see in the high country?  maybe?



I did get a little back road travel last weekend and we circled up to Green land and across on “NOE” road… always wondered about that but seem it was named after a rancher up there… Saw this on NOE road..


pretty new wood tank that I suppose is just decoration but looks cool..


Same area… might be a POLO enthusiast? On up to Larkspur as they were having a fall craft show in the park, nice little show, not much that we wanted or needed but worth the trip to walk around..


nice stained glass stuff …


nice wood stuff, mostly using beetle kill wood this year…


In the non-existent town of Greenland there are a couple of trailhead areas this one is for equine trailing I would guess… long parking areas for trucks with trailers… but  the sign says it all so I wasn’t able to leave any of my prized items in the parking area… shucks!…

Now this is one you don’t see much… since there used to be some big ranches in this area they must have had their own rail shipping point at one time… the collection corrals and loading dock is till there… find that pretty interesting.  Part of the real old west…


The mail rail is still used today as it is a major coal route with several trains per day up and down but the siding here hasn’t been used in a long time…

This is an old picture I got months ago and kept forgetting to put in , thinking it was just the one station in Denver but when we made the trip to GJ a few weeks ago I find it is a chain of stations… great name..


And that clears out a collection of pictures… I took a lot more but these are the ones I hadn’t found time to post up… I really need to take way more but keep forgetting to be active with the camera…

To my friend CARL… it just isn’t the same anymore… although I will never be up to your standard anyway…



Thought for Today: Oscar Wilde: When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him.