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Slower than the turtle!

When we purchased the Colorado house we decided that we wanted security cameras something like the Oklahoma house.  In the Oklahoma house I installed a home made system with some wifi and some wired cameras to watch the outside of the house.  I did this when I was out of the country for extended periods and really I wanted to see the pond in the back yard but ended up with, why not keep an eye on the front door and oh the drive way and oh the back door, etc.… anyway we had that up and you know it is amazing what you can find out.  We used to get packages and the carried early on would get to the stairs and toss the package up close to the door.   We never had anything broken and I am sure the carried would know if it was breakable as some of them would be placed nicely up by the door but most were tossed.

So once we got into the Colorado house I purchased a set of 8 CCTV cameras and DVR as a set and it was on sale around Christmas time… over a year ago… Well the attic is hot during the summer and I didn’t think about putting them up often enough to get it done.  Recently I figured why not get it done but hire the attic work. So I did that, got someone that knew more than me and was able to get the cables all run including one that I had planned to run on the outside of the house but he was able to get it through the attic to the far corner in-between a vaulted ceiling.  He also put in an extra electrical outlet where we wanted the DVR unit and brought all the cables into that spot.  It ain’t cheap but cheaper than calling the paramedics to come extract me from the attic.  The next day I set out to get most of the cameras put up.  the first 5 were easy enough.  Short ladder, easy stretch, few screws, little aiming and they were up… but we had 3 more that required a taller ladder and longer stretch and … so I got Ryan to do those…



Now our house here appears to be one story… but on the back side where these are to be placed it is two stories… but we got them up and the excess lines tacked up and OOOPs punched a hole in the really long one… hummm but they were up..

Then the DVR and all had to be set up and all lines hooked up and of all things they worked , all of them , first time… but then Ryan decided to move the last one on the long cable… only moved it about 6 inches over and didn’t even pull on the cable but … it quit… all the others worked.  Not sure the issue with the last one but suspect the staple in the wire didn’t help?  we may have to figure out how to pull another line back up through and replace but that one is not as critical as the other 7 all the doors are pretty well covered that last one covered the area under the deck that likely if anything or one got there they would have to cross several of the other cameras.  we will see how it works and if we need to try to replace the one cable?

The cameras are all high definition and the night visions works really great, much better than my wireless ones in Oklahoma…


It only took 15 months to get it up and working… we don’t hurry to get things done anymore…

One nice thing, this one can be accessed via the phones and with the Ring Doorbell on as well we now know when people come and go…



Thought for Today: Aryeh Frimer: We learn something every day, and lots of times its that what we learned the day before was wrong.

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