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The slow road home


Well, I spent last week in Stillwater working on things that needed done.

I took the fast route down… and it was wet, wet, wet all the west in Eastern Colorado, had some streams running that I had not see with water in them ever..


West of Flagler, water had backed up near the interstate… lot of water flowed through here ..


Also must have been a bit too much wind too? 


I think the wrong end is up here…

Anyway I had things to do and the list was not long but sure wore me out.

1.  Got the weed eater out and “HACKED” down the big stuff out on the pond dam and around.  A few hours work and boy was I wore out… it also wore out my big wheel trimmer and took a toll on the smaller gas powered unit but the big bushes and stuff is whacked off for another year, I hope.  I am going to have to do some amount of muscle tone work to do that over again… I am way out of shape for that type work…   “Took me all day to do what I used to do before breakfast”…

I also got some stuff hauled off to donation and trash hauled off that was needed for a year but I never had the jeep back to tow the trailer load it was on… now that is done.

I then tackled the power problem of the motorhome.  Last winter the power relay switch burned out.  I then found you can’t get the same one anymore so I had to get a compromise unit and several more parts , some still on order, to get a new switch put in.  Even though it had burned out I had “hot-wired” it so we had AC and with heat on past couple of trips I didn’t want to tackle it and not have power in the coach we live in while in Stillwater.  But this trip it was cooler and I was there alone so no big problem.  I had to get a hole punched in the transfer box to allow the lines to come in where they were in the back bay of the coach.  Thanks to Mike I got the punched in Wednesday.   That made it possible to not move the generator wires as they would have been too short for the hole in the bottom of the box.  I did move the Load wires to the top of the box but that was just a move up and shove some of the conduit back in behind the wall so that part worked although I had to get a bigger conduit elbow to fit the hole in the box.  with all that done I hooked up the in-coming wires through the bottom and it all worked fine to that point.  I still had a couple of plugs for the extension cable to come in so I can get it back to a connect/disconnect link.  but that part should be a bit easier now that the box and all the other links are in place.   (should have gotten pictures but I was intent on getting this one done in one day..)

Friday , since I was totally wore down from rushing to get these project in during a week stay, I headed back to the cool country… but this time I took the slow road… generally I fun the interstate north and west but this time I rolled west through Enid, had breakfast there, and then on to Woodward… hadn’t been out by that way in some time so it was a nice, “slower” drive… I like that especially when I am in the jeep.   Along the way I did get a few pictures of things I noticed or stopped to see….. in the Gloss Mtn’s I saw this tower… must have been a good year for Buzzards..



I made a short pit stop in Woodward and on down the road and then I decided to head north in to Dodge City… hadn’t been up that way in a real long time … About half way up , of course there is road construction, although at this stop… wasn’t anyone around , mid-day Friday?  but the lights still worked… putting the flagman out of work with these “robots”..


Seems like that guy didn’t get stopped at the line… although the light is way up there and wasn’t anyone around?

As I was pulling into Dodge on the East side I spotted this…


WOW, a lot of wind turbine parts out there, but wait… that field way off out there just kept going and eventually wrapped clear around to against the highway…


and it kept going there for maybe 1/2 a mile…lots and lots of towers, blades and parts…




I made a fuel and pit stop in Dodge, found a Dillon’s that give me a couple of cents off the cheaper price they already have so that helped some…

I hit Colorado and spotted some building I had not notice so doubled back in Holley… hummm


Still on an active track but I am sure they don’t stop here… although there is an AMTRAK stop in Lamar about 80 miles on west… sing on window said 1912… and City office?

Seems the best place in town to eat might be


Interesting …

Further up the street was this sign in the window?


I couldn’t really find any info on this?  towns too small for a “lawyers only” lounge and this place was not an active bar?  so ?

I also took a short detour to check out Fort Lyon… When we lived in the Ark Valley it was a VA hospital… (mental hospital – neuropsychiatry), that closed in 2001 and the state took over and made it a prison which closed in 2011 and now it is a place for Homeless people getting treatment… Strange how the buildings are still in really good shape by most standards…



I then took another detour and drove by the Old Bents Fort.. wasn’t many cars in the front parking lot… I didn’t stop there, just kept on to LaJunta and then on west to Pueblo, noting places I used to go by as I went… it was a fun day, slower drive and still got in fairly early… although I left Stillwater at 6am so with the extra hour I had plenty of time to detour along..

I spent Saturday resting up and getting mail and things in order… got more things to do …



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