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Rex Made it and it is For Sale here!.

Airplanes: The only two I really have hanging are the first but I can make the others… will take time as I don’t make them ahead of requests… takes about a week for me to get it right!
#16 – Bi-wing FANTA – Yellow – Algerian Soda can (Limited Edition with Arabic writing). = $50 plus Shipping
#17 – Bi-wing FANTA – Green – Algerian Soda can ( Limited Edition with Arabic writing). = $50 plus Shipping

Yellow Fanta – Algerian soda

#16 and #17 as they hung in my room in Algeria

Fanta – Lime (green plane early vintage)

Coke Lite Bi-wing

#22 – Tri-Wing Fokker Coke Lite – Silver – Algerian Soda can ( Limited Edition with Arabic writing). = $65 plus Shipping

Tri-Wing Fokker

I also have for sale – Genuine Oklahoma Porcupine Eggs!

Man you know how hard it is to find these things here? I have been hunting for years to find the Oklahoma variety. There is also a Texas variety that is much larger and I hope to be able to collect some of them in the near future but for now… we have a great supply of these Oklahoma eggs.

They will come in a crystal case that prevents their escape and makes them much easier to maintain. You will get a matched pair (male and female) of these wonderful items to show to all your friends. Instructions will come with the proper care and nurturing of these eggs and it is suggested that they be kept securely in the crystal case to prevent them from getting away.

These I have for sale at just $10 plus shipping and handling. A wonderful addition to everyone’s collection of unusual things.

If neither of these interest you then at least buy an Amazon Gift card from the link below.

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