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I. R. S.

Gotcha!…. This will be the page for the “[I]shmaels [R]etirement-fund [S]tuff”. At present I am not ready to list the things I will have for sale but suffice to say we will have stuff. I have no plans to get rich and actually have no plans that this will cover my retirement or even the cost of the pages but a little help is better than no help. On this page will be:

1. I will take donations for the up-keep of the APRS digi, gateway, etc. and the local personal weather station that is currently all running. Doing my best to keep them up and consistent. I do try to post in the blog some items about them and I need to get much better about discussing the things I have to do for their operations.

For Sale we may have:
2. Sherrie Made It – she does needle point, cross-stitch, things like that and if I can coax here to speed up we will have ‘cute” things for sale.

3. Rex Made It – I make “pop/beer-can” airplanes. They won’t fly but can be a cool wind-vane or that “arty” discussion piece thing you can put out on the deck or ???
I also have for sale – Genuine Oklahoma Porcupine Eggs!

4. We Made It – we hope to get back into a little stained glass work – we have the equipment and just haven’t had time with building and moving and all those other things that get in the way.

5. Who knows what else we will try out – ??? cookies, advice, consulting???

6. OR you can at least go through this link to get your Amazon gift card.


7. How about updating your wireless phones via this link to Amazon


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